Do you produce and sell branded objects ?

Enter into the dimension of BIG DATA

All of your products which use WamS branding, will generate a network of interactive objects.
When scanning a WamS branded object, the user’s smartphone will generate a multimedia mobile page with product information, a promotion, phone call button etc.
No application download is required !

> Your company DIRECTLY and IMMEDIATELY receives information from each of its objects every time there is an interaction with it

ROI, CRM, your database enters into the dimension of Big DATA :

  • Get data in real time, as items are sold
  • Collect profiles, product usage, specific relevant data
  • No middle man for the collection of data


Communicating on social networks and/or downloading applications gives YOUR data to Google, Facebook, Twitter, which they sell back to you !


  • WamS allows you to be autonomous, free, independent, direct and reactive for a hyper competitiveness

  • WamS offers you the opportunity for unparalleled marketing performances

  • WamS will greatly increase brand loyalty, thanks to its interactive nature and attractive use

> WamS is the only technology in the world that makes it possible to profile much better than the traditional digital by collecting informations on the behaviors and uses of consumers / collaborators

It is a new dynamic for the producers of every day objects, a wonderful solution for branding, and a refreshing space for developers !

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The WamS technology is patented and derived from 5 years of R & D.
The connected physical world is a social and economic reality, very far from the gadget, at the heart of high tech innovation.